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How to debug assembly that behaves differently with move component and motion analysis

Question asked by Elizabeth Brownell on Jun 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2020 by Elizabeth Brownell

I have an assembly that is intended to be moved by pulling a knob at the bottom.  If I select move component (with collision detection on), the assembly moves as expected.   If I run a motion analysis with a linear motor pulling down on the knob, the assembly comes apart.  If I run basic motion with the same motor, the assembly stays together, but does not move. 


I'm looking for advice on how to evaluate whether there is a real problem with the assembly, which move component isn't sophisticated enough to detect, or whether I'm simply setting up my motion studies incorrectly.  I'm not very familiar with motion studies.  




EDIT:  After a bit of experimentation I have more information.   I'm now getting a number of the errors of the form 


Moving Part (name) suppressed:
Mass could not be calculated, perhaps due to missing solid geometry.
Mass can be customized in Part Properties to bypass use of solid geometry.

And all the parts that are having this error are reverse-handed parts in a mirrored sub-assembly.  I still have not figured out how address these errors.