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Sheet metal - a part that contains a bend that cannot be bended

Discussion created by Sake De Jong on Jun 20, 2020
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i need some help about sheet metal in SolidWorks 2020.

i have a sheet metal part and when going into the flat pattern, 1 bend says ''that this part contains a feature that cannot be unbended'' by that particular bend - a rounded bend.

i have looked it up on the internet, but with no results yet.


The specs about the part = a thickness of 2 mm. 4 mm bend Radia on the outside of the part.


A picture is added to the thumbnails.

it is the bend that is the biggest - the rounded bend. - i have (seen in picture) suppressed 1 bend.


i hope you guys/girls can help me out


Update 17:30 hour (my time) 20-6-2020 - SLDPRT 2020 and STEP file added.


Update 20:02 - 20-6-2020 = the official problem at first. = the sldprt in SW 2020.


Update 11:50 - 21-6-2020 = the inventor like outside R of 3 mm (Yes, in inventor it works!! So it has to work also in SW) - In SW the same error as to the first time (official problem).


Update 13:17 - 21-6-2020 = inventor doesn't remember the bended situation as it was before. So . . . 

Like it says ''that the refold command in inventor = remembers the original state of the model'' = No, not at all. It gives me a 90 degree representation of the model instead of the rounded bend. (= Update 13:32)


Update 14:39 - 21-6-2020 = in Siemens NX i get from 3d model to the conversion in sheet metal and the flat cut out.

When i get to the rebending, the software don't recognizes the rounded bend. So, first 1 in SW, 2nd time in Inventor and 3rth time in Siemens NX. The NX and inventor files are below.


Update 16:50 - 21-6-2020 = File added ''with timy straight lines'' in SW 2020. Hope this was the case but No, it didn't. it didn't like the rounded bend.