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Poor picture quality only when printing.

Question asked by Adrian Velazquez on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by Adrian Velazquez

Inserted pictures into my drawings are coming out low resolution when I print.


It happens in PDFs, print preview, and of course the physical print. What's weird is that it looks fine in the slddrw file, and I use the same picture files in my Rhino drawings and I have no issues. I have a picture I use that's a consultants logo which has smaller text in it that becomes illegible after printing. It's kind of a deal breaker if I can't figure this out.


The consultant's image is just the image and I have no other place to grab it from. I need to print as close to the original resolution of the inserted images.


Been bouncing around the forums and have not yet seen a solution for this. I feel like it's gotta be something simple.


Help is very much appreciated!