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FEA results help

Question asked by Sergio Zancanaro Junior on Jun 18, 2020
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I am comparing two results from FEA, a part alone and an assembly.


Both cases have the same span, same load, ....


In the part case restrains are immovable, in the assembly, touching faces are bonded and free edges are fixed.


What I think is wrong: My goal is to say that with immovable edges the displacement should be greater than with bonded to something (suppose I am adding rigidity to the joint). As one can see the displacement in the assembly is greater. These results don't make sense for me, am I missing something? Regardless of the precision of the result I just think that in the part file the displacement should be greater. I checked for an overall displacement too (see assembly (probe) file) wondering if the whole assembly moved, but it is not the case.


Both simulations run with large displacement, all parts are shells. Tried "refining" the mesh (simply sliding the mesh bar to fine) and got the same results.


Glad if someone can help

(sorry for any English mistakes)