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System Requirements

Discussion created by Elizabeth Sharp on Jun 19, 2020
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Please would someone be able to advise me on a suitable computer set-up for running SW simulations on? 


I have recently been running a frequency domain 3D model, on windows 10, with system specs: 

i7-970 CPU

32GB RAM. 


My model is a cylinder of height 310mm, diameter 152mm and thickness of 1mm. My mesh size is 0.5mm of high quality mesh, I cannot use shell elements for some reason, it just doesn't work. When I run this model for the linear elastic case, finding more than 20 resonant frequencies, I get lots of errors popping up regarding computer memory and eventually the model stops. 


I know I will need to run this model for a dynamic case, using non-linear settings because of the type of material the cylinder is made from. So I have come to the conclusion that the computational power I have currently is more than likely not enough. 


Would anyone be able to suggest a spec for building another computer that could comfortably run the types of model I have described above? 


Thank you in advance!