Colin Heshmat

Help with "AddExternalDocuments" SW API Function

Discussion created by Colin Heshmat on Jun 18, 2020



I am attempting to write a macro that creates a pack and go of a drawing with associated parts and includes (inside the .zip folder ) a PDF of the drawing file using the AddExternalDocuments feature.


I have found this page on the SolidWorks API website: 2017 SOLIDWORKS API Help - AddExternalDocuments Method (IPackAndGo) 


I have been trying to follow along with the example that is shown by visiting the link and work it in to my own script, but I have not been successful in getting the script to include this .PDF file inside of the Pack and Go .zip folder. The script (attached) creates a PDF and creates the pack and go correctly, but for some reason does not include the file. I'm sure I'm missing a small syntax detail or line that is critical, and ask for some external review to help.


The lines that I've included to put the PDF in the folder are:

bStatus = swPackAndGo.SetSaveToName(True, sOutputPath)
bStatus = swPackAndGo.AddExternalDocuments(strOutputPath & "\" & Number & ".PDF")


where bStatus is a Boolean, similar to how the website example shows.


**note that strOutputPath is the constant that will dictate where the zip file and PDF locations are saved.


Any help would be greatly appreciated to fix this, thank you!