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Can I create a pattern of a pattern?

Question asked by Alexandra Boyd on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Alexandra Boyd

Long time reader, first time poster! Thanks for having me.


So, my design includes a lattice structure that meanders in between cells. I modeled a small block of the lattice (sort of a snowflake shape) using a 3D sketch and some sweeps, that can just be repeated on any given side to build up the lattice and fill the space I need to fill. 


Ideally, the simple solution would be if Solidworks allowed you to create a linear pattern in 3 directions using one seed feature, so you could start in the corner and just send them XYZ, skipping instances as needed. From what I've read, that doesn't seem to be an option unfortunately.


My next thought, was that I'd just use the linear pattern to fill the base, and then "pattern that pattern" upwards to the desired height. This is where I'm running into problems. From what I know, pattering a pattern IS something you can do. So I tried this, and the preview showed exactly what I wanted it to, the command finished without any errors, and the new LPattern showed up in the feature tree normally, BUT the lattice doesn't actually show in my part at all? Have I been mislead into thinking that a pattern driven pattern is a thing? or am I missing something simple?


I've attached some screenshots of what I have, and the preview of what I'm going for.