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How to automate a Qty. of "AS REQ" for bulk items in the Computed PDM BOM

Question asked by Marco Pocoroba on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by Marco Pocoroba

We are currently using SWx 2020 SP2 with PDM Standard at my company. Up until this point we have been using PDM as a library strictly for check in/out purposes. I am now trying to get us up to speed utilizing more PDM functionality. That being said, I need a way to automate bulk items such as thread locker to show #"AR" or "AS REQ" in the Computed PDM BOM Qty instead of the reference count. We will need non SWx users to access the computed BOM, named BOM is not an option until we move up to PDM Professional. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Matt Lombard do you have any insights?