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Volumetric Parameter - Shear Stress - Cannot Compute Parameter

Question asked by Landon Tompkins on Jun 18, 2020

I am using SolidWorks Flow Simulation 2019 SP2.0 to run a series of simulations of a centrifugal pump for pumping blood. I want to quantify the shear stress of the fluid in the volumetric domain. From my simulation results, when I add a "Volume Parameter" for "Shear Stress" I get the error "Cannot Compute Volume Parameter". This happens for every simulation I have run, regardless of flow, pressure, mesh, rotational speed settings, etc. I am able to quantify the shear stress of the fluid on the impeller and pump housing surfaces by adding a "Surface Parameter" in results. When I go to "Export Results" and export shear stress data for the entire pump volume (all mesh cells), shear stress values for the majority of cells are blank with the exception of the surface cells. I am also not able to make a "Cut-Plot" of the shear stress (presumably because the majority of values are not calculated).


Can Flow Simulation generation shear values in the volumetric domain? It appears as a parameter option in "Volumetric Parameters" so I assume it is able to.


I have defined Blood as a custom Newtonian fluid with appropriate density and dynamic viscosity values. The simulations are transient, using the sliding mesh method, laminar only flow condition. 


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. This is my first Forum post, but I've used the resources here to solve many problems in the past. I am happy to upload files if needed (although most are very large) I just didn't know what would be the most helpful file to upload for this problem. Thank you