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Question asked by Varun Sharma on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by Frederick Law

How to create an exclusive Bom based on specific configuration of drawing?   


I have a model which has many components to it and I need to create a build instruction drawing.

So I am creating configurations of this assembly based on how the builder should go about including the specific fasteners and all that. 


So I was able to create the first step easily and include the BOM just for that step. Then I would make a separate configuration that would describe another step but when I create a BOM for this second step the BOMs are intertwined from the first drawing page and the balloons are derived from the first page and makes it all messy.


I hope I am making sense. Is there a way to just simply create exclusive boms that are only related to the parts that are in the specific configurations I am basing the drawing on?


thanks for any help!