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assigning material to multi body configuration

Question asked by Keith Panik on Jun 18, 2020
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I have a multi-body part configuration which configures different solid bodies depending on the configuration. For example, configuration 1 configures solid body-1a and solid body-1b, configuration 2 configures solid body-2a and solid body-2b, etc. I would like to assign different material to each solid body. I'm using the format $LIBRARY:MATERIAL@solid body@part name. The part name is "SGP_VCS.sldprt". As stated above, the solid bodies are 1a & 1b for configuration 1 and 2a & 2b for configuration 2. So I am trying to add the following column in my design table: $LIBRARY:MATERIAL@1a@SGP_VCS. I get the error message that the heading contains an invalid feature name "1a". Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?  If I remove the "@SGP_VCS" in the header it sets the entire model to my material instead of just the solid body.  TIA