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Question asked by Mike Russell on Jun 17, 2020

I am running 2020 SP3.

I just recently found out that you can left and right indent justify in tables.


You can only evoke the indent left/right commands when you double click on a cell and then right click and select "paragraph properties"  from the menu. See attachment 

This has to be done to each cell individually, you can not select multiple cells, rows, or columns.

(seems odd that you have to edit the cell to use this justification and that it is labeled "paragraph properties" and only affects a single cell.)


Unfortunately it does not save the formatting in the templates.

I spoke with my var and they had the same issue that the indented formating was stripped when the template was saved.


If anyone has a fix for this that would be great.


Otherwise I will just have to edit every cell in my bom's just like normal.

I was kind of hoping that this hidden feature would solve the issue but alas not.