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Intermittent crash in Solidworks 2019 education when inserting a model

Question asked by Michael Rowlands on Jun 17, 2020
I am the IT support for an education customer, so I apologise for using any wrong terminology.
My institution is having issues with Solidworks 2019 intermittently crashing when inserting a part into a drawing, with "An unsupported operation was attempted". Once it happens, every subsequent attempt fails.
It is happening on various hardware spec's the main being a Dell 3630 16 GB Ram Quadro P2000 265GB SSD we are running SW2019 SP5 and Windows 10 1903.
I have two departments engineers (heavily customised)  and designers ( just MMGS), the issue happens on both.
We do have Symantec antivirus, and a product from Faronics called Deepfreeze that resets the machine to a known good state. But we have used this with Solidworks for the past ten years.
I have tried
Language change to USA from New Zealand
Adjusting GDI limits
Different Video drivers for the onboard Intel and Quadro
Software GL mode
Bypassing tools/options
Resetting the templates to default
Remove Symantec Antivirus
Upgrading the files supplied by lecturers (some files where quite old)
Using just data from the tutorial folder in "C:\Solidworks Data"
Tried using Solidworks 2018 with 1803 Windows 10 issue does not occur
Our Var recommended
C++ reinstall
Removal and reinstall of Solidworks
The only other idea is to try and push Solidworks 2020 to the classroom.
The dump message
<MINIDUMP> "6849b7ff-88d6-4028-a5cb-35199e0cb733" </MINIDUMP>
<EXCEPTION> "Access Violation at 00007FFE18E1FBA0 (virtual address d0), attempt to read from memory"
<AD5> auAm_c::iFireEventV;auDrawingDoc_c::ClearSelectionsNotify;auDrawingDoc_c::ClearSelectionsNotify;auModelView_c::RepaintNotify;auModelView_c::GraphicsRenderPostNotify;auModelView_c::RepaintPostNotify;auModelView_c::RepaintNotify;auModelView_c::GraphicsRenderPostNotify;auModelView_c::RepaintPostNotify;
<RAWSTACK> mfc140u:7FFE18E1FBA0:002AFBA0,slddrwu:3BAE23FA:004323FA,slddrwu:3BAE2CCB:00432CCB,slddrwu:3BAE21EB:004321EB,slddrwu:3BADF565:0042F565,mfc140u:7FFE18D7CD6B:0020CD6B,USER32:7FFE26787F84:00017F84,USER32:7FFE267876E2:000176E2,USER32:7FFE267875EF:000175EF,USER32:7FFE26785B6D:00015B6D,USER32:7FFE2678583E:0001583E,mfc140u:7FFE18E0120F:0029120F,mfc140u:7FFE18E0027B:0029027B,mfc140u:7FFE18D7DC9E:0020DC9E,mfc140u:7FFE18E0348E:0029348E,slduiu:4855A9B1:00FFA9B1,mfc140u:7FFE18E0288F:0029288F,SLDMFCU:3A494705:00174705,slduiu:4855C658:00FFC658,mfc140u:7FFE18E0011E:0029011E,mfc140u:7FFE18E00504:00290504,mfc140u:7FFE18CA7581:00137581,USER32:7FFE26785B6D:00015B6D,USER32:7FFE2678573C:0001573C,USER32:7FFE26791ED3:00021ED3,ntdll:7FFE26C3FE14:0009FE14,win32u:7FFE24A21184:00001184,USER32:7FFE2678506B:0001506B,USER32:7FFE267769DF:000069DF,USER32:7FFE26772777:00002777,USER32:7FFE26771F58:00001F58,mfc140u:7FFE18D7E064:0020E064;
Any other ideas?
Thanks in Advance
Michael Rowlands