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Why do I get different numbers when suppressing vs excluding parts?

Question asked by Cullen Irish on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by Christopher Saller

I have an assembly with three parts that I'm running simulations on. I'm attempting to remove 2 parts from the analysis, but I keep getting different numbers.


First: I hid the parts under the model tab, then under chart options I have it include only parts shown. I realize this is the least accurate


Second: With the parts still hidden in the model tab, I return to the simulation tab and exclude the parts from analysis. This gave me numbers that seemed slightly off.


Third: With the parts still hidden in the model tab, and parts excluded from analysis, I returned to the model tab and suppressed the parts from analysis. This gives me a third set of numbers.


I know I can just run the part by itself, but I'm running 16 different studies with several different fixtures and forces so I'd really prefer not to redo everything.