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super slow performance

Question asked by Damir Galic on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by Frederick Law


so I have simulated beam structure with some 500 beams.


Why is solidworks simulation so slow after doing simulation. Basically any click is causing freezes for minutes. Except when rotating simulated structure.

Even when trying to drag results scale it's freezing it or when clicking "probe". Freezes are basically as long as doing whole simulation all over.

Trying to show deformed part... 10 times longer than meshing+simulation.


Does anyone know what could be causing this or is it in nature of solidworks?

I assume SW is having difficulties in accessing specific nodes etc.. to retreive data.

Ram usage is ~50%, cpu usage while freezing is 50% (all cores+virtual cores).


So how can I increase performance and if possible to negate this freezes?


The scale of the sctructure is basically really small and simple...