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Problem with Model coordinates and file size.

Question asked by Antonio Alonso Arenas on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by Frederick Law

Hi All,


I am a BIM Manager working in a project on-site that is currently in progress. For the facade, the subcontractor is modeling all the joints and fixings with Solidworks and it's a software that I do not control that much.


First issue is: They have sent just a small part of elements of one level and the file is already 500 MB (IFC File). Is there any way to reduce the file size? I cannot imagine what size is going to be when exporting one level.


Second issue: we work with a federated model and therefore I would like to be able to import their models with the shared coordinates, landing in the correct location. I have researched on internet but I have not found any place that explains how to acquire coordinates from another BIM file or software. Is this something that can be done in Solidworks? Otherwise, how do you coordinate with different consultants?


Many thanks for the help.