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PDM file loss?

Question asked by Matt Juric on Jun 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by Wojciech Paterski

I had a weird experience this AM that I'm struggling to explain and wondering if anyone else has run into something similar.


Last Friday evening the PDM shows I checked an assembly in. It also shows I checked in all the parts of that assembly. I'm fairly sure of what the assembly was when I checked it in as I had a meeting with another person in the office going over the changes I had made to that assembly prior to checking it in. 


This morning however when I checked out that assembly it is not what I was working on. There is no other check ins other than mine since Monday. 


Also weird is the fact that multiple parts I modified no longer have those modifications.


ALL of the parts I created as new and were in that assembly exist in the PDM. They aren't in the Assy where they should be but they exist.


It's just very odd and when I asked around another person had a similar experience recently. 


It's highly probable I screwed something up although I have no idea how I could have. I would have had to have either purposefully gotten an older checked in version over writing everything I did or undo 3-4 hours of work and then checked that in.


I [CNTRL]"Q", [CNTRL]"S" obsessively so I KNOW that this assy was saved locally several times throughout the day so I think "Do not save changes" is not really possible either.


Any thoughts other than "You had a stroke"?