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Bringing 3d AutoCAD into SW - tips and techniques

Question asked by Michael Hess on May 18, 2009
Latest reply on May 18, 2009 by Michael Hess
Hello All:

this is not so much a question but a give-back. At SWW09 I gave a presentation on general legacy issues. I received some feedback that people were looking for some more information on dealing with AutoCAD files in particular.

I just finished a small project on translating a somewhat poor 3d AutoCAD file into SolidWorks. It wasn't the most obvious use of SolidWorks and DWGeditor, so I documented what I did.

As a give-back to this generous community, I'm attaching a short PDF of my process (download the file and change the extension from PNG to PDF, hopefully that will get around the "no PDF attachments").

I hope this can give somebody ideas or save them some time when they're dealing with similar issues.

Thank You All,


PS: Comments, questions, corrections, please let me know.