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Calculate numeric totals from multiple parts

Question asked by Oli Sparrow on Jun 16, 2020

Hi all,


As a simple example, there is an assembly with 5 parts, each part has the custom property "COST". It's easy enough to create a BOM and total up the "COST" property column in the table to get a total assembly cost, but can this total be achieved outside of the BOM table, or even better created as a custom property in the top level assembly?


ie. can you have:

"ASSEMBLY COST" (as a custom property) = "COST, PART 1" + "COST, PART 2" + "COST, PART 3" + "COST, PART 4" + "COST, PART 5"  ?


I guess the end goal would be to have a "TOTAL COST" property than I can pull and use in different places in a drawing, where the only manually entered figure is the individual part cost at part level.


Let me know your thoughts.