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How to turn an assembly file into a program?!

Question asked by Meysam Agazadeh Par on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by Fifi Riri

Using the equations we can link a value (define a basic value (variable)) and then correlate the dimensions in the part to that defined value so that the next time using the change of that value, whole of the dimensions of the part can be tweaked. Actually that gives us the facility of dynamic design, but still lacks something , we need to control that defined value from the tabs and buttons, not with editing the sketches and change the value we have linked.


The next step would be the integration of these seperate variables we have defined in an assembly file. i mean we need to dynamic control of all the parts of an assembly file, if this can be accomplished then actually we turn an assembly file to a program. Some edit boxes will serve as the controller of those variables and in this way a real leap happens.


So i need some directions about:

1) how to make a edit box or stand-alone button to change a linked value.(in order to avoid entering the sketch and edit the linked value)

2) How can i integrate separate linked values of parts of an assembly file in a variables panel?


If someone knows about this, please direct me. i should confess i don’t know from API or Macros and if you want to pass me to those, i will ask the resource text file of those lines of program and how to Exert it!