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Partially missing hatchings in drawing after excluding parts of an assembly in the sectional view

Question asked by Maik Schloesser on Jun 15, 2020

Hi Forum,


I got a problem with hatchings in my assembly drawings. 

I want to make a sectional view with a 90° cutting line.

I tried several methods, none is working. (Using the sectional view assisstant / making a sketch first and then click "sectional view")
Now every part of this assembly was cut and it looks like:

Everything is fine with the hatchings, but if I exclude single parts from the sectional view like the shaft / screws etc...


The red "x" parts were excluded. In the yellow areas the hatchings are now missing.


I tried changing it manually, no effect.
Only if I fill the part with one color, everything is filled. If I change it back, the error occurs again.


I'm using Solidworks 2017 SP5