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Linking dimensions to a general table on separate sheets

Question asked by David Schoon on Jun 15, 2020
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Is there a reasonable workflow for linking dimensions that are located on one sheet to a general table located on another sheet?  Our organization has begun including an inspection data sheet template/format as a final sheet to all custom component specifications but it seems that you cannot double click a general table cell and then jump to a separate sheet to select the dimension to link.  At this time the best option I can find is to just use the snip tool to grab a capture of the dimension name and then type it out in quotes within the table cell in order to generate a link which is a little clunky.  E.G. I would need to manually type in "RD1@Drawing View1" within a cell in order to generate the link.  I can't even appear to find a way to at least copy the dimension name either as it is not select-able.  If there is a better way to do this, please enlighten me!