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sheet document part number

Question asked by Salvatore Randazzo on Jun 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by Ray McHugh

Hello all,


I have a weldment that I am making a drawing for. In this case, the weldment is part number 5229-901-00. The weldment has three different parts. Traditionally, for weldments, each part gets numbered with a letter at the end. In this case, the three parts that make up the weldment are 5229-901-A, 5229-901-B, and 5229-901-C. We would make Sheet 1 the top assembly or master - in this case 5229-901-00 then bring in the BOM table and each part gets ballooned. Sheet two would have as many parts we can dimension. In this case two parts can fit in sheet two, 901-A and 901-B and sheet three for the last part, 901-C. Under each part in the sheets we add a note like ITEM 1, ITEM 2, and ITEM 3, respectively to the balloons. Up until today, the title blocks for the three sheets would match sheet 1 since the top assembly is the master. That's how we have been doing it for years.




My boss wants to have one part for each sheet and each title block has to reflect the part file. For instance, Sheet 1 is 5229-901-00, Sheet 2 is 5229-901-A, Sheet 3 is 5229-901-B and Sheet 4 is 5229-901-C. I can get the materials, finishes, and titles to reflect the model file into the title block by going to properties and unchecking "Same as sheet specified in Document Properties" because I use custom properties. The model's part number doesn't change in the title block though. All the sheet's part number are matching sheet one as 5229-901-00. I also tried going to "Edit sheet format", double click drawing number, click "Link to properties" and changed the radio button from Current Document to Model found here. I can see the selection bar change from 5229-901-00 to 5229-901-A but the ok button is dimmed out. I cannot select it. I even tried manually writing in 5229-901-A in the Property name bar but the ok button is inactive.


How do unlink sheet 1's master part number so that each sheet gets it's own number based on the part I bring in? 

Hope this all makes sense. I appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance.