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Pin selection not working when routing a cable

Discussion created by Matteo Quirino on Jun 12, 2020
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I am struggling with the pin selection during a cable routing. After I have created the path of all the wires, I press "Edit Wires" and assign a wire to the path.

When I select the first connector, the software allows me to select one of the PIN from a top-down field,so far so good, BUT then when I select the second connector the PIN field is autocompiled with the first PIN in the top down menu and if I try to select a different PIN the top down menu becomes empty...I cannot select any PIN both for the first and the second connector.

I leave a short video where I recored the screen, hope it helps in calrifying the problem.

Does anyone have the same problem on Solidworks 2019-2020?

Matteo Quirino