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Slow performance on brand new machine

Question asked by Amy Gilliam on Jun 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2020 by Heiko Sohnholz

Hi there! I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what on earth is slowing Solidworks down for me so much on my new computer. I'm trying to open a normal sized assembly (103 non-complex components) that worked absolutely fine on my old machine, but on my new machine, it's unusable; it takes over 30 seconds to do something as simple as flip a mate alignment. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the assembly itself or the parts; they still work just fine for my coworkers. I'm running SW 2019 SP 4.0, which is exactly what I was running on my old machine. I'm using a certified graphics card (Nvidia Quadro P3200) with the current drivers, as recommended by the SW site. I imported all of my settings from my old laptop to the new one, so everything should theoretically be as it was before, just on a newer, nicer machine. None of my graphics settings were ever turned up particularly high. All other programs are functioning as intended.


Things I've tried so far:

- Restarting numerous times

- Reinstalling Solidworks

- Turning off switchable graphics in the BIOS (had to turn them back on because this broke Chrome for some reason)

- Making sure Solidworks specifically is always running on the Nvidia card

- Disabling and reenabling both the onboard graphics and the graphics card itself

- Disabling the license and reaffiliating it with this machine

- Running the benchmark, which gave me perfectly normal answers (9.6s graphics, 25.9s processor, 23.8 I/O)

- Running Solidworks RX; this one has thrown me for a bit of a loop because it seems to be indicating that my graphics card/drivers are not supported, but I'm 100% positive they are per the Solidworks website

- Deleting the FLEXnet Program Data

- Turning all of the Solidworks graphics settings down to pure unadulterated garbage


What am I missing?? It just seems impossible that settings that were right as rain on a lousier computer should not work just fine on a theoretically nicer one with an SSD. I'm legitimately about to ask my boss for my crappy computer back because I can't work like this.



Dell 7530

Processor – Intel Xeon E-2186 @2.9GHz

Video Card – Nvidia Quadro P3200 (drivers are up to date)

RAM – 64GB

OS – Windows 10, 64-bit

Hard drive – Toshiba KXG60ZNV1T02 (1TB SSD)


I appreciate any insight you have to offer!