Scott Baugh

Configuration BOM's - Suppressed items at the end?

Discussion created by Scott Baugh on Jun 11, 2020

I have a BOM that I am showing two configurations and I want all the major components at the top of the BOM and all the fasteners at the bottom of the BOM.


There is one item that is suppressed in the active config that was used to create the BOM forces one major component to be at the end of the BOM. Technically there are two items suppressed in the 74hp config, but one of the two has the same part number in both configurations and its accounted for in the BOM per each config. I don't understand why the "Flared Exhaust pipe" shows up at the bottom?

I have a guess as to why it is doing this, but it's confusing to me that it's reading the other suppressed component and skips over that one.


SW 2019 SP5