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Relief cuts to bend angle?

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Jun 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by Kevin Andrews

Is there a way to get Solidworks to generate a relief cut pattern for bending angle?


For instance:

I have a piece of angle (L3x3x3/8) that should be rolled to a 44'-7 3/4" radius. The length of the angle is 15'-6 7/8" long. In order to save some money, my client wishes to make relief cuts in one of the faces of the angle and then form it to the radius that is needed.


Given the design, I am OK with doing this - but he would like for me to give him a detailed drawing showing him exactly where to make each cut.

He will be using his plasma cutter - which produces a 1/8" kerf per cut. Doing the math, each kerf will garnish a 2.73° angle (if pivoting at the inner face). The design calls for a 20° angle. So, 8 cuts will be required - all rough math.


Does Solidworks have a feature that will automatically do all of these calculations and show where each cut should be?