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Deformation due to screw torque

Discussion created by Zack Szappanos on Jun 11, 2020
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Hi everyone, this is my first time making a post as I can usually find my answers from questions already posted but I have had no luck with my findings. I am toying around with the simulation features at work to try and find the optimal torque spec for the screws we will be using in one of our products but I cannot seem to get the fixtures right. I only have roughly 30 hours of experience with simulation (most of which is just me waiting) so bear with me if my explanation is not very technical. Attached is the model that I am working with. There is a housing and a lid with 4 screws that will be self-tapped into their locations. I have applied the correct material to each part, added 4 counter-bore screw connectors with the appropriate initial torque spec to where the screws will eventually be tapped, made the housing a fixed, rigid part, and created a "no penetration" contact set between where the lid and housing come together. My problem is finding the right fixtures. I always start applying fixtures then think to myself, "This is way too much, no way SolidWorks is making it this complicated for such a simple simulation". After a few trial and errors with different fixtures I ~think~ I may have found the correct formula but I would love to hear some input from other more knowledgeable people on what kind of fixtures would be ideal here and anything else I should apply in this model. If I had the time I would sign up for a SolidWorks Simulation class but school and work consume all my free time so the only time I am really able to work with simulation is at work.  Thanks for any and all input!