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FeatureWorks - Not recognizing features

Question asked by Rebecca Evans on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by JOHN GEORGE

I was given a drawing (stp file) that was originally drawn in KeyCreator. I've been asked to convert it into a SolidWorks model and update some features.


When I open the file within SolidWorks, it comes in as a solid imported body. I run the import diagnostic, heal some minor faults, then attempt to run FeatureWorks and the Recognize Features option. It runs for probably 15 minutes, recognizes only a handful of features, and finally says "FeatureWorks could not process further".


I eventually abandoned ship and attempted to redraw the model from scratch, but the key feature of the model is too complex for my very limited experience with SolidWorks (less than a year with the software, mostly self taught).


Any ideas on how to recognize the features on the imported body so I can make changes to the geometry?


If needed, I can attach the file if someone would be willing to attempt it.


Much appreciated!!