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Cable Wire Library: Values changing and wires not inserting correctly

Discussion created by Samuel Wiest on Jun 10, 2020
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I have made a small library of cables for a project, all done directly through the Cable Wire Library Wizard (CWLW), no use of excel or spreadsheet software. I've already seen that I cannot change the units from inches, so I've been manually converting from mm, but that is not where the problem arises. 


Whenever I save the library, the values change. I will set the values once, for example:

Set of text values in inches

Then, if I reopen the file immediately in CWLW, the values have change to what appears to be a metric equivalent in meters:

Same values, but appear to be converted from inches to meters.

I could understand this if my project was MKS, but I am using MMGS, so I would assume that it would automatically convert to mm. Regardless, this leads to another issue. Every time I open the library again in CWLW, it applies this conversion from inches to meters, assuming that the previous value was in inches. This means that my values are multiplied by .0254 every time I open the library in CWLW! This is what I get after I open the library a second time, immediately after the last photo.

All values again multiplied by .0254 automatically.

Is there any way to get around this using only CLW? Or do I have to save everything in an excel file, and re-upload it every time I make a change? Either way, CWLW has become much more of a hindrance than a helpful tool.