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Hole callout text position is not the same as document settings

Question asked by Mattia Linetti on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by Mattia Linetti

Hi, i'm setting up the hole callout to be used in our new drawings.

I actually have 2 problems:

1) In the document settings i've selected the "Solid leader, aligned text" option for the hole callouts (of course i saved the new .drwdot) but whenever i use the hole callout the text position changes itself to another style and i have to uncheck the custom text position ever time in every hole callout dimension to make it follow the document settings:


2) I've changed various hole callout descriptions in the "calloutformat" file, and i've also removed the 2 asterisks in front of "NO-NUMBER-OF-INSTANCES"  to disable it, but i keep getting the number of holes whenever i dimension a hole from a linear pattern etc...