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Removing old projects from driveworks

Question asked by Rishikesh Pawar on Jun 9, 2020

While working on so many small projects using DriveWorks I got following questions.I ma using the solo version which comes along with the licenced version. 


1) How can remove old files from the list as shown in below image . 


2)  I want to secure my projects from other (Means they should not have right to make changes by mistake). Actually I am scared that while preparing new files user will create lot many files on same folder and while deleting someone by mistake may remove the files we have used in project . So user should be able to delete only those files which he has created. Or using a macro New folder should be created in which all project data should go automatically so that user will not delete or modify the master data. 


3) In one case, I have two variants of pillar (Diameter and some other features vary) with 10 different height options. I tried giving drop down for selection of variant and then drop down for each of the variants height but unfortunately I could not manage to create correct formula.I want height of pillar to be driven by dimension capture.I am not able to do it.