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How to create-add the existing weldment texture ?

Discussion created by The Merovingien on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by The Merovingien

when we use the 3d geometric weldment, Under PRT-wld

it work ok, and we can see SW add a "weldment texture", it's nice.


Under the new appearance panel (compare to previous SW before)

i found how to add the thread or waffle representation (without activating 3d real view)


i prefer to not work with "3d real view", because there is a few performance decrease.

So please, Don't answer me "activate 3d real view", i will ignore it.


so, for thread or waffle it's ok.


but i would like to find the same for the "weldment".

i found where the PNG is, but i can't understand how to add it in the "appearance panel" (on the right) 

i tried to manually create "weldment.p2m" (derived from waffle) in the same folder, but it Don't show it.


i tried to edit the "shader_to_p2m" and add Inside the "weldment.p2m"

but it seem because of SW with other country language, use another file, or some alias, because

the name in the panel isn't egal into the "shader_to_p2m"

screw thread = filetage de vis



i tried to add a new folder to appearance to test, but now i can't remove that folder... how to do to remove ?


but, with the "test folder" i can see the "weldment.p2m", but we can see the preview is not good,

i can put in my 3d model, but the represention don't display the "weld texture" (like the preview)