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Maintain old title block attributes

Question asked by Kurt Turner on Jun 8, 2020

Our company will often go back and edit old drawings, then add revision notes for the new project. The problem I'm having in Solidworks is the title block attributes are tied to the new project. I want to be able to import (copy-paste) old SW drawings, but keep the same title block data and revision notes. Is there a way to do this?


I have discovered exporting to DWG and importing as DWG will save this data, but then I lose all the wiring tools, etc. 


Starting the new project from an archive of the old project will save the revision notes, and allow wiring tools, etc, but the remainder of the attributes will change with the project properties.


Another idea I have is to create a title block with the data in place of the attributes. This would solve the problem, but be terribly clunky to implement, and I'll end up with a large number of title blocks.