Sarvesh Ambekar

Simulation not working

Discussion created by Sarvesh Ambekar on Jun 7, 2020

Hi.. I am trying to make an non-linear simulation with Plasticity material definition with appropriate tangent modulus. The model is a quarter section of the complete assembly with quarter of the total force applied on the relevant portion of the model. Model is very simple which involves 4 plates and 3 washers & has necessary fixtures - fixed and roller supports which are defining model symmetry. The assembly has 3 bolts (2-M36 & 1-M20) which are holding washer and lower part of frame against the upper plate which is secured with fixed constraint.

Contact there are four contact sets one between the fixed plate and lower frame - No penetration

3 contacts are defined as no penetration contact for three washers against lower frame plate and associated hole surface. (Ideally only touching surfaces were defined but since model was not converging successfully I added more but Ideally not necessary)

Problem statement - Contact formation fails (I don't know why) I have tried all known remedies to solve this issue.


I could successfully make this solution with half model & lower frame ribs & lower plate with shell model (mixed mesh model) but I wanted to whether transition of stresses between ribs and lower plate shows similar results so I changed these parts to solid to generate right mesh alignment (compatible mesh)


Please do let me know, how can I process this solution?