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How do I fix this strange edge and plane on this body made with surfacing tools?

Question asked by John Safrit on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by Paul Salvador

I have a part I'm working on, based on 3d scan data, completed with mostly surfacing, and there's a "problem face" on it (shown selected in screenshot) that always ends up with this strange edge defect somewhere along it.



This face is supposed to be planar, and looks to be so in almost all cases. In curvature mode it shows all black and zero curvature, I can use it to start a new sketch on, etc. Except when looking at it from just the right (or rather, wrong) angle, a small amount of it appears to be nonplanar. This is an view parallel with the plane, and the almost triangular shaped part is the problem area I'm talking about:



I've tried a ton of ways of fixing this, deleting the face and trying to rebuild it with surfacing tools, deleting it and all neighboring faces and trying to do the same, as well as making a plane a fraction of a millimeter offset from this one and using it to try to cut a new, planar face in this area of the model. I have done the Solidworks advanced surfacing course that covered fixing broken step/etc type files and have tried those methods too and nothing's worked. Sometimes it moves the "weird" area around a little bit, sometimes the whole area "blows up" and the error gets way worse. 


The Check function returns no problems:


When trying to rebuild it with 3d sketches and surfacing, the edges around the anomalous spot act very strangely when performing convert entities on them as well as when attaching sketches to them. Almost like the "real" edge isn't where it's being displayed, if that makes sense. 


I've attached a SLDPRT file and a STEP file, both of which contain this anomaly area. 


Any more info needed, I'll gladly take more screenshots or try to better describe the issue. Also please forgive if there's a similar post elsewhere, I attempted to search for similar questions but several plays on "strange surfacing error on planar face of part" returned nothing relevant. 

Thank you for looking!