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Top-Down modeling: Robust approach for Huge Assembly modeling

Question asked by Rohana Wickrama Archchi on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by Rohana Wickrama Archchi

I am exploring Solidworks in the area of huge assembly modeling to do with top-down approach.

I have done a little bit using layout top-down approach. As per my current understanding, it is likely not the best.

  • I see huge models are done using Solidworks. Need to to how those models may have been created.


Top-Down modeling

  • What is the procedure to create an assembly composed of parts, assemblies, assemblies (also nested assemblies) of structural, sheet metal, plate works, shafts, surfaces, surface modeling, etc.
  • Is there a master sketch approach?

I look forward to receiving help.


I am kind of getting there using 2D/3D sketches in the main assembly drawings where the children components are residing. The whole models update (for the configurations and non-configured dimensions).

Revised document is attached here to.

I will do the same with a master sketch (MS) part (instead of 2D/3D sketches in the assembly document) as well.


Top Down Modeling