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Question asked by Scott Leacox on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by Matt Juric

I have a question about "Save as"


Let's say I have a model and draft open, and want another copy of that part using "Save as"

I am looking to use save as because it's faster than Pack & Go by a long shot.


Let's say the first file is 1.part and 1.draft

The new file I want is 2.part and 2.draft


Let's say two files are open: 1.part and 1.draft

Then do a save as on the part file. (Not as copy, plan old save as)


At that point in time, is the file 1.draft associated with 1.part or 2.part?




Or the other way around

say I have 1.part and 1.draft open, and do a save as of the draft.


At that point in time, is 1.part associated with 1.draft or 2.draft?




If both part and draft have a "save as" done to them, It works just fine. It's that in-between state I want to know what's happening to handle cases when things crash or have to be closed when between states