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No Database Connected to this View in Projektor Software

Question asked by Ken Madgwick on Jun 4, 2020

We are setting up Solidworks PDM and I have a PDM view installed on my computer.  I also have Topcon's Opus Projektor software installed, which is a Javascript based IDE for programming the Opus Displays.  Whenever, I open the Projektor software the "No Database Connected to this View" warning occurs. 

It happens before I attempt to open any files and I am not trying to access the PDM view at the time.  After hitting the OK button between 3 and 5 times it stops coming up and I can use the software.  I have seen multiple support and forum questions where this has occurred with opening PDF's or other files.  I however do not see one that this occurred just by opening a software before opening any files in it. 

Does anyone have any idea why this would be the case?