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Mass Properties does not list 0 zero or negative volume

Question asked by Ahmad Shumayal on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by Josh Brady

Solidworks 2018

Issue in INTERSECT6 and PLANE26

I am trying to measure volume as a function of height. I keep decreasing the height and the volume keeps decreasing as expected however towards the end, it doesn't decrease to zero or negative. But continues to list me weird values of around 600 Liters+ at 1100mm from the top (PLANE 26) while the block disappears from 3D. Incrementing it further seems futile. So the last sensible reading I get is at 1000mm from the TOP.


I modify plane 26 to find out the volume each time. See picture attached of intersect 6. If I decrease the volume any further by increasing the distance of PLANE 26 from the top, I don't get any meaningful volume from Mass Properties.


I want to find the point of zero volume beyond which I should get negative. But the Mass Properties tool doesn't give me that. Why doesn't Mass Properties give me 0 volume or negative volume?