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Document Management without a PDM

Question asked by Christopher Dubea on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by Tim Webb

Hi all,


I'm a one person hobbyist user with a seat of the standard SolidWorks looking for effective ways to conduct some document management either within or outside of SolidWorks.  SolidWorks PDM is not a possibility for a plethora of reasons.  Please don't belabor the point.


Any suggestion for tools to help with this process?  I'm conversant in the SW API and have written a fair number of SW and Excel macro's.  


Ideally something not cloud hosted would be preferable. Saying that, something like PartKeepr - Open Source Inventory Management  is very interesting, and if push comes to shove could be instantiated on a Raspberry Pi. The downside would be attempting to interface that to SWx


Thanks in advance