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Task Scheduler and #Task stopped exporting to DWG

Question asked by Wesley Astin on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by Vineet Upender Reddy

Task Scheduler won't export to DWG.  I'm on 2019 SP5.0 the batch export to DWG stopped working.  it runs and appears to work, but no files are ever created.  


I also have #Task and it is doing the same thing.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  We went to #Task over a year ago because of this issue with Task Scheduler.  it worked great in the free version.  then once we went to #Task 2.0, it does the same thing.  


It doesn't matter if the file is located on the server or hard drive.  It doesn't appear to make a difference if i run the programs as an admin.  I thought it may be my export settings, but nothing has changed for years.  Thoughts?