Jtyry Srytry

Wrapping a decal image on an angled cylindrical surface

Discussion created by Jtyry Srytry on Jun 4, 2020

I am trying to put a label (rectangle image) on a cup, the surface of the cup is on an angle and is cylindrical. The issue i am having is creating a small gap or having the ends touch each other. No matter what I try the image always gets distorted in this area.




If I use the cylindrical mapping I get the following issues:


There is always this centered image in between the ends of the image, even if I make the ends touch. 


If I use the label mapping I get these issues:


With a big gap I get it to look fine


If I try a small gap this happens,the image ends start cutting off on sharp angles 



This is how it looks if i overlap 



It appears a line is created in label mapping that no image can go beyond