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CSWP Segment 3 error in question/image

Question asked by Jack Hsu on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by Rick McDonald

I recently did the CSWP segment 3 exam and failed it because of an error in the question at the beginning.


After I start the exam, I immediately got stuck on problem 3 because the assembly after mating does not match the image. However, I trusted the mating symbols and kept going.


Then later in problem 5 where multiple choices are given, I just couldn't match the correct center of mass coordinates in the options. I realize I'm off track and start looking for what the problem was. However, based on the instructions given, I'm pretty sure that I made no mistake elsewhere. The only possible error might be from the mismatch.


Now, I am super confused about what error I made. I really hope I can revisit the exam and take my time to see what error I possibly made. However, I understand this is not allowed.


The best thing I can do is keep practicing segment 3 and hope this will not pop up again.