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Peculiar motion analysis behavior

Question asked by Bram Janssen on Jun 3, 2020

Hi evereryone,


I'm new here but i'll try to be as consise as possible.


The problem is this: Whenever is try to run my motion analysis i get the following error.


At time   1.466666667E-1 the integrator is unable to start/restart.  Possible Causes:
(1) The accuracy required for the numerical solution can not be attained.
Relax (increase) the value of the acceptable integration ERROR.
(2) Incompatible redundant constraints, a lock up, or a bifurcation
situation.  The latter two indicate a mechanism design problem.
(3) The system includes a zero (or relatively small) mass on a part with
an unconstrained translational degree of freedom.
Make sure you have mass on all parts with translational degrees of freedom.
(4) The system includes a zero (or relatively small) inertia on a part
with an unconstrained rotational degree of freedom.
Make sure you have inertias on all parts with rotational degrees of freedom.
(5) An Adams element has a function expression that equals exactly itself.
For example,
equals itself at 1 second. Avoid setting an Adams element equal to itself.

This error first appeared after I added two motors to the rear wheels. The goal of my simulation is to get the car to drive on the large concrete plane. Before I added the motors the analysis functioned normally. The car fell onto the large plane and and came to rest. Now however it does'nt get past the first collision with the plane.


I sincerely hope that there is someone out here who can show me the light