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Please Help Modify PDF Save Macro

Question asked by John D. on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by Peter Kennedy



Attached is a Macro i found on these forums that suits my work flow perfectly, however I need someone who understands VBA to make a small tweak to it for me as I'm a complete beginner in VBA code. 


It currently requires the drawing to be open, hit the button to run the macro and it exports the drawing as a PDF to a folder I have created on my C: Drive as the Part Number - Perfect.


What I would like to add to this macro is the ability for it to extract both the part number and description when it exports the PDF. the description can be pulled up from the model properties I guess or drawing template...


I've attached a screen shot (1.jpeg) showing how this macro currently exports the drawing as a PDF.


Screen shot (2.jpeg) is how I want the macro to export the drawing to PDF 


Finally attached is the macro I have found on these forums that requires some tweaking if possible.


thank you for your time