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Use custom properties, not configuration specific in drawing

Question asked by Joseph Rich on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by Joseph Rich

I have a part with multiple configurations. Each configuration has a different dash number after the main part number (example 12345-678-001, 12345-678-002).  The same thing goes for the description (each with a unique description for the configuration). These are all entered in the summary information window for each configuration I have. In the custom tab I have the part number line as "12345-678"


My question is how do I use the Custom properties and not the configuration specific properties when creating auto entered fields in my drawings? When I go to edit my sheet and right click on a box and select "Edit Text In Window" I see the lookup as $PRPSHEET:"PartNo" but this brings up the configuration part number "12345-678-001. I want it to bring up the main part number where it is entered as 12345-678 in the custom tab for the model.


Thank you