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Alternative to #TASK for simple batch converting of .sldprt part files to .dxf?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2020 by Arif Akbas

Good morning All,

Let me start off by saying that I know this topic has been visited numerous times.  I've been using #TASK for years for the simple tasks of batch converting either standard part .sldprt files to .dxf or sheet metal flat patterns to .dxf.  I do alot of individual parts where they need to be converted to .dxf for import into our burning machines.  Now that Central Innovations is charging a fee of $/yr, I'm not sure if there is an alternative that is free such as a macro out there.  I've tried many macros that didn't seem to work yesterday.  I need mainly for converting both sheet metal flat patterns to dxf as well as standard non-sheet metal .sldprt's.  Solidworks Scheduler is nice but from what I can see (I'm on SW2015 still), the option to batch convert to .dxf is only available for drawings, NOT parts.  I like macros and use them often but perhaps i'm not seeing the one that works for this task. Any help would be appreciated.  I just modeled 34 parts yesterday and now have to convert all the .sldprt's to .dxf and opening and converting each one to .dxf is monotonous.  With #TASK, I simply copied all the .sldprt's into an assigned folder (only to assure the originals didn't get messed up) and then opened the software and batch converted all of them within a matter of less than a minute.  It would open each file and export the assigned 2D face to a .dxf file then close the file and open the next part, it worked great.  Now that v1.3 is done, is there something else that I can use in lieu of buying the v2.0?  Thanks in advance.


What I need to convert for starters on the project I'm on :