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Why can't I create connection points in my parts?

Question asked by Keller Murray on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by Keller Murray

I am new to the routing features in solid works and have been getting acquainted with the default connection types and am now attempting to add my own parts to our library to use in our machine models. I had one successful session when I was testing out some features where I was able to add a connection point to the center point of a hole with no extra sketches or points added to it, but I have not been able to replicate that success since. Every time I go to use the create connection point feature, I am unable to select any features on my parts to add the point to. It does allow me to add an assembly connection point from an existing connection point, but I am unable to create any basic connection points. So far I have tried every permutation of adding a sketch with a point, a circle, or both, a 3D sketch with a point, and an axis from reference geometry. I tried these all with the create connection point from electrical, piping, and tubing just in case there was a difference between them. I am wondering if there is a setting that I may have accidentally disabled that is stopping me here, because I have tried all of the methods mentioned in the solid works help references. I would appreciate any input or insight on this matter, thank you!



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