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Equation driven offset

Question asked by Christopher Buckley on Jun 1, 2020
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How can you, drive a sketch offset dimension using a global variable or equation reference?


I use equations to drive all kinds of dimensions in my assemblies, but there still seems to be a few things the equations cannot drive. One of these is a sketch offset. Neither the initial dialog for a dimension, nor editing it in the Equations Manager allow anything other than numbers for the input. Is there a general work-around for this or do you have to come up with something creative for each use-case?


I have a slot and groove type assembly and want to control the offset of these two surfaces with an equation so that I can parameterize it  later for 3D printer tolerance testing. 


I can get around this using surface offsets, but then I have to create several additional features (closing surfaces, trimming surfaces, etc. This really messes up my feature tree for what could be done in a single feature if I could just drive it with a global value.